Arvind Swamy Divorced his Wife Gayathri Ramamurthy

Actor Arvind Swamy‘s divorce with his wife of 16 years,Gayathri Ramamurthy, is now only a formality, with the couple agreeing to an exhaustive set of terms and conditions covering maintenance, custody of children and visiting rights.
When their petition for divorce by mutual consent came up before the principal judge for family courts, S Meenakshisundaram, on Wednesday, it was informed that the actor would make a one-time payment of Rs 75 lakh to his wife, in addition to a monthly payment of Rs 1 lakh towards maintenance from the date of dissolution of their marriage. “The monthly maintenance shall continue to be paid as long as Gayathri does not remarry,” the agreement states, adding that the monthly alimony is “not subject to enhancement, under any circumstances, whatsoever.”
After their marriage in June 1994, the couple had two children in 1996 and 2000. The couple have now “expressly agreed” to leave the custody of the children with Arvind Swamy, who shall be responsible for their upbringing and education. His wife will have custody of the children every Saturday. She will also have the children for seven continuous days during the summer holidays.


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