Censor adviced to delete a Song in the film Vaada Poda Nanbargal

Vaada Poda Nanbargal is a film which has Nandha, Saran and Yashika in the cast. Singapore Arumaichandran is producing this film. Manigai who is directing this film said,” The Censor Board members who saw this film wanted to delete a few shots in a song.
And similarly some of the dialogues have also been deleted. The film was awarded with U certificate. The hero Saran and his father Nizhalgal Ravi go to Rajasthan. There they see the sufferings of the Tamilians who go there for their livelihood.
Seeing the suffering, the hero and his father sing a song in the temple about the Tamilians sufferings and pain. This song which was penned by Na Muthukumar will be the highlight of the film.
I have narrated the friendship and romance through a different kind of screenplay. This is not the usual friendship story or a triangular love story.”


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