Danush-Hari Vengai Shooting Stopped

It has been the second time in his career that Dhanush had taken a compulsive break inducted by his health ailment. The actor who is buzzing around in the sets of Hari’s Venghai has been forced to quit the sets for a short period as he is suffering from sudden muscle contraction in his neck.

Earlier the actor quit the Uthama Puthiran sets as he was suffering from severe fever following his sister-in-law, Soundarya Ashwin’s marriage. The positive part of the news is that the actor has got his much needed break in the midst of his busy schedule. Dhanush is enjoying his break time at home with his children.
"It gives me an immense pleasure that it is divine to see Linga smile at me. He doesn't even realize I have a spasm on my neck," says Dhanush. "What weather? But it's sad I cannot go for a drive because of my spasm. However, still enjoying it with a coffee from my terrace" he adds.


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