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Easan - Music Review, Sasikumar's Easan Music Review Sasikumar and, Samudrakani James Vasanthan Easan Music Review

The ally of the yesteryear hits, Sasikumar and, Samudrakani and James Vasanthan is once again in the fore with the movie Easan. The melody notes of Subramaniapuram are still lingering in our mind and this time, the movie Easan has something to offer. James Vasanthan has employed the voices of Gerard Thompson, Sukhwinder Singh, Malgudi Suba, Benny Dayal, K.S. Chitra, Padmanabhan, Thanjai Selvi and Sunandan. The lyrics are penned by Na.Muthukumar, Yugabharathi and Mohanranjan.

Meyyana Inbam
With scintillating and sensuous lyric by Na.Muthukumar, portraying the night moments of a busy city, Sunandan’s voice adds melodious charm. James might have thought of providing a good niche of silent backscore amidst beats of lighter vein. The words chosen by the lyricist and uttered by Sunandan are more pervasive to normal ears, but the repeated listening will certainly take to the dizzy moves. A pat for James and Sunandan.
Jilla Vittu
James’ intense desire to master the folklore, as was in the case of “Madurai Kulunga” , is back with mastery touch in this song, rendered by Thanjai Selvi and penned by Mohan Rajan. To be distinctive among the folk song, James dedicated his time in carving the voice of Thanjai Selvi, as with the instruments. The passion for reaching the rural mass with the musical notes is high in this song, and James has surpassed his own tunes of the early movies.
Get Ready
What can be a complete album if it does not have a pinch of exclusive western note and this song is one such. Based on the fluent and flair voice and spontaneous rendering of Benny Dayal and Gerard Thompson, James Vasanthan has trialed the pop category. Equally abash is the confluence of so many western instruments which do fill the slot for effect. One can murmur the tune but not the lyrics, because of the audacity involved. Occasional listen will please you.
Kannil Anbai
Yet another experimentation with instrumentation for Vasanthan and this time it is enabling his success. The solace is that the effects aired through flutes are so enchanting with the mild and serene voice of Padmanaban. Added pep is the words of Na.Muthukumar. The initial listening promises lot of scope for a long reel of hit but we shall wait and watch, till the movie is released.
All feminine song without femine for bore. The two magnetic voices combine to render the lyrics of Yugabharathi, and the experience of Malgudi Suba and the exotic voice of KSChitra balance the weights of instruments audited by James Vasnathan. The song is hindered by the intermittent guitar sound yet does not let us down from praising the effort of the music director and the singers. The song will fit in the number for hit.
The songs are crafted with flair as James is on the pressure to give the better than his own and to meet the demand for the story. He has tried his best in experimenting the nature of every sort of music like folk, pop, and rock. If Subramaniapuram was an eye opener for Vasanthan, this film takes him to the stair of artistry. The drawbacks in this album are unconventional approach to the genres, and unexpected fusion of instruments, making certain songs out of mark. However, great happenings cannot be expected from this novice of music. He has miles to go… Easan, the title has no reference anywhere in the song and so the movie may be out of touch of the songs, much akin to Subramaniapuram. Mr. James, try to be different but not ambiguous with tunes and instruments.


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