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Cast:Samuthirakani, Vaibhav, AL Alagappan, Abinaya, Aparna, Thulasi
Direction:M Sasikumar
Production:M Sasikumar
Music:James Vasanthan

Verdict: Old wine, new bottle!

Stars: 3/5

“Do not expect anything extraordinary out of Eesan,” Sasi said in an interview just before its release. True it was to be. Eesan, the title of Sasi Kumar’s second directorial attempt, is metaphorical and is to be related to the God of destruction, Shiva. Having said that, it’s a straightforward story of vengeance killings and the avenger is not akin to Lord Shiva but an ordinary, hapless man who loses his sister and father to fate’s hands.

Eesan has nothing of Subramaniyapuram’s rustic charm or the warm love thread that wove the movie together into a beautiful fabric. But it’s an unpretentious tale of city life and although it will make very little sense to the wider range of audiences, it lays out perfect stage for the movie’s beginning and serves as foretaste for the events to come. The rave parties, speed dating and discotheques are essential for the movie’s setting but as you begin to feel an overdose of these elements, the movie closes in on the first half giving way to the eventful post-interval. Although it’s sort of a suspense thriller, Sasi’s efforts to keep it close to real life are evident.

Many scenes in the second half of the movie border the gross category, but to think that these are reflections of real lives and part and parcel of the city life is pretty dismal. Thus, harder-to- stomach scenes are aplenty.

Deep inside, it’s the story of a na├»ve small town girl, whose aspirations to make it big in the big, bad city reduces her to the fate of a rape victim. She gets raped by her seniors after having forcefully fed with alcohol at a college party. It’s a rude shock for her father, who moved to the city from a small town to render wings to his daughter’s aspirations of becoming a fashion designer. He puts the family’s dignity over fighting for justice and feeds his daughter and son with poison, after consuming the same himself.

Sasi Kumar’s impeccable writing hooks one to the screenplay and the second half is packed with interesting twists building up the suspense leading to the climax. Though the screenplay is vaguely reminiscent of Mahanadhi, Sasi’s flavor is distinctly familiar in each scene. Climax is an unexpected jolt and when the identity of Eesan is revealed, Sasi’s skills as a writer comes to the fore.

While Kadhir’s camera distinguishes expertly between the city and rural landscapes by taking us through the laser lights of the discotheques and the beauty of a village, James Vasanthan scores with a couple of songs. Naguraj’s art direction blends with the movie’s setting.

Although all the actors including Vaibhav, Abhinaya, Samuthrakani, Azhagappan and Blessy have done a commendable job, none of their characters were poignant enough to leave us asking for more. Blame it on the length of the movie, which is nearly 3 hours.

If not for anything, watch Eesan to discover how ably Sasi can handle diverse subjects with ease and how expertly he can write climaxes..


  1. Just a suggestion, never write the story in the name of the review instead present your journey of feeling while viewing...

  2. Sasikumar the director is a clever man. Following the success of 'Subramaniapuram' in Kerala, to connect with the Kerala audience again he has roped in a Kerala director to act in his movie. This carries some weight in Kerala, because it is a novelty for Kerala directors to act in movies.
    Sasikumar is also very keen to always cast Tamil cinema producers in his film, to stay well connected in the production circle. One may recall he also produced a movie starring the grandson of the DMK supremo. You know what that implies.
    Sasikumar is a clever man, he will survive in this industry. Great!

  3. This movie seemed to bring in more negative thoughts in people's minds than anything else. If such a movie is screened in villages, parents will never send out girls to study in cities. On top of it, there is way too much violence. These days, films are stressing more on violence for some reason which is not good for society in general. Moreover, when such negative scenarios are portrayed that revolves around common social causes, the movies always project the villains in the end who fail for a timid reason (which never is the case). There is nothing DIFFERENT in the story or the direction or the songs. The events shown in the first half of the movie has no connection to the entire movie. I would rate this movie at half star out of 5. If you have nothing else to do on earth, this movie could be your last preference

  4. sooper movie... more violence in d climax makes a good compensate for the death of the hero in ... great 2n half :)


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