Gautam Kurup expects to make a mark with 'Mohanlal' starrer 'Kandahar' 
Gautam Kurup expects to make a mark with Kandahar
Gautam is looking forward to working in all South Indian languages. He is very thrilled and excited about Kandahar and is very thankful to Major Ravi who gave him this opportunity. Gautam Kurup says his working experience with the entire unit of Kandahar was an amazing experience. In his own words: The entire unit was very professional. Director Major Ravi and his style of handling the entire shooting was fantastic. He was dedicated, disciplined and professional. He knew what he wanted and got the best from the entire team. That is why he could complete the film in a span of 28 days. It was a dream come true for me as a debut actor to act with actors who famous legendary and universal stars. My personal experience on the sets? I was in total awe of Mohanlal sir, who went about his acting as a thoroughbred actor knowing what was required for a particular scene. He was just flawless when he heard 'Action'. I remember and always will remember my first scene when he came and encouraged me on how to go about on doing my scene. When I completed the shot, he walked up to me and told me, 'Well done!' I was on top of the world and felt a rush of blood running all over feeling ecstatic. That gave me a morale boost and my self-confidence just went skyrocketing. Those two words did the trick for me and I was totally focused to ensure I did a good job. I will let the audience decide whether I would be accepted by them or not. Though I didn't get the opportunity to shoot with Mr. Amitabh Bachchan, I am happy to see my name roll after the legend and universal star. I am confident that some day, I would get the opportunity to act beside him too. Kandahar is based on the Indian Airlines hijack with a lot of emotional chords on relationships. The story is narrated from the director's viewpoint. I play the bad guy (terrorist), who plays an integral part in the story. My expectations are always high as I am a very positive person. The film is the most awaited film down South.


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