High Court issues notice to Sun Pictures, Shankar on Endhiran Story Issue

The Madras High Court on Thursday ordered notice to producers of 'Endhiran' Sun Pictures and director Shankar on an application, which stated that they had infringed the copyright of the applicant.

Justice S Rajeswaran, before whom the suit filed by popular novelist Arnica Nasar came up for hearing on Thursday, has ordered court as well as private notices to the director and the production house. He has adjourned the matter to December 23 for further proceedings.

In his suit, Arnica Nasar stated that one of his novels 'Robot Thozhirsalai', was published in the Tamil bi-weekly Malai Mathi. The story of 'Endhiran' was nothing but the story of his novel, he claimed.

Arnica Nasar said he had described robotic techniques in detail, and added that he had authored several science fiction pieces in Tamil during the period.

He prayed the court for an interim injunction directing the respondents to submit the accounts of the film from the date of release till November 15 before the court.

It may be recalled that only last month, a Tamil writer Aarun Tamilnandan had filed a similar civil suit, stating that he was the original owner of the story.


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