An interview with actor Aadhi
Aadhi is the son of Telugu director Ravi Raja Pini Shetty. Aadhi had done the lead roles in the films Mirugam, Eeram, and Ayyanar. He is now settled in Chennai to act in Tamil films.
Will you have six packs in Aravaan?
Vasanthabalan told me to reduce my weight before acting in the film Aravaan. So I reduced my weight an also saw to that I got the six packs. I also grew my beard. Vasanthabalan can bring the human emotions out of a person. This film will give me a new identity and will also be a great strength in my future.
How did you experience the retake of Aadupuli?
This film is about the reunion of three generations. I am donning the role of the son of Prabhu- Anupama couple. Ravi Chandran and K R Vijaya are donning the role of my grand parents. I was nervous while acting with such senior experienced actors. So I had to go for retakes. They also taught me very patiently. I can never forget this.
Has the problem between you and director Sami has been sorted out?
He introduced me as a hero through the film Mirugam. Then again we joined for Sarithiram. We had forgotten about the problems which were between us. Now we are at peace. It is not possible to fight with each other when we are in the same field.
I became 29 years on the 14th. Why marriage now? I am not in love with anyone. May be I will fall in love with someone in future.
Will you direct films like your father?
My father Ravi Raja has directed Telugu, Kannada and Hindi films. I also have the desire to direct films. But first I will learn acting and then start directing films.


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