Kamal Haasan deletes the controversial song from Manmadhan Ambu


Kamal Haasan in a statement to his fans stated that he has deleted the song which had hurt the sentiments of Hindus. In the statement Kamal Haasan has mentioned:

"Greetings to all my beloved sweet fans,

I have come to know that a song which I have written for Manmadhan Ambu has hurt the feelings of the Hindus. The Censor Board who has censored this film has also permitted this song since this does not have any lines that would hurt the feelings of anyone. This song was also telecast in Vijay TV three times and had a good reception. I would have released this film with the song with the Censor Board certification if the film was produced by me. This is Red Giant Movies film. Since this film is being produced by Udhayanidhi Stalin and should be viewed by members of all religions, we had come forward to delete this song though thousands of people have enjoyed this song.

In my family there are Vaishnavites, Saivites, Muslims and Christians. Most of them are believers. They are not like me. I am a rationalist and atheist. It is like that and it will continue to be so.

Manmadhan Ambu is a business. That also it is another person's business. I am only an artist. I am not new to political obstacles. This film was made with the intention to entertain. So I have made this decision to sacrifice this song for it should not die in this turbulence of religion and politics.

Kamal Haasan"


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