Madhavan, Lara Dutta frontrunners in hottest vegetarians poll
Madhavan, Lara Dutta lead hottest vegetarians poll
Actors Madhavan and Lara Dutta are the frontrunners in a poll conducted by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) to identify the hottest celebrities in India who practise vegetarianism. Madhavan, an active supporter of PETA and a strong advocate of vegetarianism, said that he loves animals and would never look at them as eatables. He also said that, opting for non-vegetarian food promotes the practice of cruel transport and slaughter of animals. Actress Lara Dutta, who is also voted by many in PETA’s website, said that going vegetarian was an effective way to keep one’s body fit. The actress added that chickens bred for flesh develop various illnesses as they are locked up in crowded cages with other chickens. Lara also expressed shock over slitting the throats of chickens while they are still conscious. The final results of the poll will be out on January 9th.
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