Mumbai 26/11 Attack on Climax of 'Vaanam'

Well you can expect a lot from Krish to unravel things about the film's climax, but he speaks on the conceptualization on 'Vaanam' climax. The filmmaker is well known for adding real life happenings into his films, which has been so evident from his previous movies. As the auteur was close on the process of completing the script work of 'Vedam' (original version of 'Vaanam'), the situation was completely different as the 5 characters come together in a different place. But it was at that point of time, when Mumbai 26/11 attack happened. Instantly, his ideation of joining these characters under the web of terrorist attack in a hospital originated. 'Vaanam' is reported to have some changes in the film including couple of duets, some additional comedy tracks and few more ingredients.


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