Nil Gavani Selladhey - Movie Review
Cast Anand Chakaravarthy, Dhaniska, Ramssy, Lakshmi Nair, Jagan, Aadithya
Director Anand Chakaravarthy
Producer Anand Chakaravarthy
Music Director V. Selvaganesh
Editing Mathan Gunadeva
Art K. T. Karthikeyan
Banner Imagine Creations
Cinematography J Laxman
Stunt Action Prakash
Thrillers are one genre which always evoke some kind of curiosity in the mind of audience. In Kollywood, thrillers have always succeeded. Joining the list is Nil Gavani Selladey, an attempt to make a full-fledged psychological thriller. Nil Gavani Selladhey is produced and directed by Anand Chakaravarthy, producer of Vennila Kabadi Kuzhu.

Sam (Anand Chakaravarthy), Jo (Dhaniska), Arun (Ramssy) and Milo (Jagan) are thick buddies. Over the years, Sam and Jo fall in love with each and decide to get married. At this point, Jo's friend Priya (Lakshmi Nair) arrives from London to do a project on ancient temples in Tamil Nadu. After a few initial encounters, Arun falls in love with Priya.

To celebrate Jo's birthday, they all decide to go to Goa but before that, at Priya's request, they head to Thelloor, a small village near Tamil Nadu-Andhra border. Thelloor has a hundred year old temple which is very important for Priya's project. They reach the village by evening. As darkness falls, each person gets attacked by a psychotic (psycho) person. On the other hand a top police officer also starts his journey to the Thelloor village as a part of his investigation. Will they survive? Why is the person (played by Aadithya) attacking everyone who comes to the village? Watch out in Nil Gavani Selladey! The film also has an interesting flashback in which Aadithya's story is revealed.


The Characters
Among the star cast, Dhaniska has a meaty role, in fact she is there throughout the film. Jagan provides the much needed comedy relief while newcomers Ramssy and Lakshmi Nair stand out (though they appear only in a few scenes). Anand Chakaravarthy (producer, director and hero) looks good on screen but needs to work more on his body language and expressions.

The Techniques
According to the promos, Nil Gavani Selladey is a full fledged suspense thriller.  Anand Chakaravarthy's story is very interesting but the flashback of the psycho lack logic. J. Laxman's camerawork is one of the major highlights of the film especially the climax fight. Mathan Gunadeva's editing and K.T. Karthikeyan's art works are perfect. The film is raw, rustic and realistic.

If you are looking for a full-fledged suspense thriller, then Nil Gavani Selladhey would be an apt choice.


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