'No connection Between Ko and State of Play' - Jeeva

The audiences have become vigilant over every film now. Launch of more film based channels and DVDs have made things pretty easy for the masses to pinpoint the similarities between the films. But at many times, it turns out to be a blind statement.

It looks like 'KO' is not an exception as it is linked with Hollywood movie 'State of Play'. This movie revolves around a investigative journalist (Russell Crowe) getting to help his friend politician out of troubled waters only to find himself as 'hunted'.

In the past, K.V. Anand's 'Ayan' was subjected to inspiration from Nicolas Cage's 'Lord of War' and 'Blood Diamond'.

Jeeva plays the role of a photo journalist, who gets into an unexpected problem while using his cloak-and-dagger ethics to capture a moment.


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