Please don't ask about Nayanthara Says Prabhudeva

Prabhu Deva, who has been refusing to speak to the media since his wife filed a case against him and Nayanthara, has broken his silence at last!
When asked on why he refused to give interviews since the past few weeks, he said candidly that he is miffed that the news media is too interested in his personal life and daily some or the other channels write strange stuff against him and Nayanthara.
When a reporter tried to ask him regarding Nayanthara, he said, ‘Please do not ask personal questions regarding me or Nayanthara” he said.
On the other ahnd, he said that he is happy that he will working with Vishal Reddy and Sameera Reddy for the first time as a director and said that he is sure that these two would sizzle in the movie.


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