'Rettai Suzhi' Aari becomes an action hero in 'Dharani'

Aari donned the role of an army man in the film Rettai Suzhi. Now he is donning the role of an action hero in the film Dharani. He has reduced 15 kilos of his weight for the sake of this film which is to be directed by Ram Gopal Varma's assistant.
Aari while speaking about this said,” I am a nutritionist giving advice to other actors how to reduce or increase the weight.
Now I myself have to reduce my weight by 15 kilos to act in this film. Since I donned the role of an army man in ny first film, there was no scope for action in that film. Dharani is a pucca action film. Gugan is directing this film in the same style of his mentor.
Though my height and physique is suitable for action film, I prefer to act in all kind of charcters.”


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