Sanikizhamai Sayangalam 5 Mani – Review

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Banner: S.P.S. Mediaaworks
Production: S.P. Guhan
Direction: Ravi Bharathy
Screenplay: Rathi Bala
Star-casts: Sarath, Malini, Ravi Bharathi, Meera Krishnan, Rathi Bala, Selvam, Malathi, Radha and others
Music: Jaivee

Kudoses to the entire team for making a good attempt in technical field. Sanizkizhamai Saayangalam 5 Mani has been completely made with the support of a HDSLR Camera. This would be a role model for some of the directors, whose minds are filled with a rigid idea that the movies can be made only with big budgets. Gritty take of cruelty that happened few days before in Andhra Pradesh has been made a fictional work in SS5M.

When Maha (Malathi) runs away from home to marry her boyfriend Sakthi (Sharath), she vaporizes into thin air on her bus journey from Kodaikanal to Bethalagundu. Her uncle Aadhi, a police officer starts investigating on her disappearance and finally zeroes down on Sakthi taking him in task. After proving innocent, he is released on bail. But Sakthi doesn’t want to quit here as an idea sparks off. He along with his friends journey across the same road through which Maha traveled. Sakthi starts unsnarl the knot one by one breaking the mystery behind her disappearance.

The film has some catchy moments. Of course the story throws predilection on us for the suspenseful tale. But then the screenplay goes scattered in course of time. The characters are very much caricatured and none of them exhibit a better performance. They are too far away from scoring 10/10. Except the one who plays the police officer’s role, others appear like a primary school kids hosting a drama for School annual day function. Sarath is okay with his looks, but why does he look so confused throughout the film. ‘Your girlfriend is missing and you are supposed to search her. Not be afraid that police officer will trap you.’
As soon as they reach Moonar, the person they’re on search comes right in front of them. Uh, so disgusting to witness such things. It is better to keep away from rest of the minuses. The climax portion is really great as none would have predicted the end and suspense behind her disappearance. The girl Maha is confused throughout the film and at no point she does a good job. The way of projecting their love it looks so tedious. A character like Kannadi Gopi is so stupid and it’s purposely done to add humor, which indeed doesn’t work out well.

Sanikkizhamai Saayangalam 5 Mani is a good attempt in technical areas and narrative wise. The team’s previous film ‘Madurai 2 Theni’ was an excellent entertainer with an innovative script. Yes, even this one boasts of such features, but within a limited area.

VERDICT: Good attempt

Rating: 3.5/10


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