Siddu Plus 2 / Siddhu +2 Review

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Production: Moser Baer, KBR Productions
Direction: K. Bhagyaraj
Star-casts : Santhanoo, Chandini, Ganja Karuppu, Koushala Rajesh, Seetha, Thalaivasal Vijay, Seema and many others.
Music: Dharan
Cinematography: Rasamathy

Siddu Plus Two First Attempt - Passes the test

Director-Screenwriter Bhagyaraj has been an entertainer, whose films are assured of 100% entertainment. But as the ages passed by, he has literally lost his style of storytelling nature. Assuming that the youngsters would accept a film with overdosed youth elements, he has paid attention to double meaning dialogues but fails to keep up the momentum in work. The story by Krishna Da Vinci about a boy and girl failing in 12th Std is a good concept. Bhagyaraj tries to sustain his old formula of conveying some message for the youngsters – Everyone has a talent and it has to be utilized properly. But where is the narration is so flimsy with the second half traveling somewhere away from exact point and follows the clich├ęd formula.

The film opens with Pavithra (Chandini) escaping to Chennai just because she has failed in 12th Std. Across the same railway station, Siddhu aka Siddarth (Santhanoo) too arrives of the same fate. Both of them come across each other. Siddhu is on plans of committing suicide after enjoying a week of time in Chennai while Pavithra is puzzled as she doesn’t have any contact with her friends. Rest of the film is how they influence each others’ life of making betterment together.

The problem with the film is that over dosage of filthy languages that it cannot be watched along with a decent family. Why does Bhagyaraj get himself lowered with such a ridiculous attempt? The first attempt is enjoyable with more youthful elements while the second half is nowhere near to the first hour. The story scatters out without any prominence to the script. Hero getting along with family members, heroine warning him to get away and another one falling in love with him, a silly sidekick helping him out – such things have been watched numerous times in Tamil Cinema.

Come on Bhagyaraj sir! What has happened to you now?

Performance wise, Santhanoo does a good job saving his face. He has to work out on physiques. His dancing skills and naturalistic performances are the biggest pluses. Chandani is a small teen girl, who can better choose to act sister roles. Rests of the actor do not make a strong impression.
Cinematography by Raasamathy is an additional plus and couple of songs by Dharan is impressive. Yuvan Shankar Raja’s ‘Poove Poove’ is a melodic poison and the remix of ‘Na Aalana Thamarai’ is a peppy remix shot in foreign locales.

K. Bhagyaraj films usually have some parallel conflict and have a good treatment. But in this one, we don’t come across any of his touch.

Siddhu +2, First attempt would have been appreciated if it was Bhagyaraj’s first attempt. But after making so many films, such movie was not expected of him.

Verdict: Displeasingly done 

Rating: 4/10


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