Surya's conditions for Shankar's '3 Idiots' Tamil Telugu Remake
The super hit Hindi film Three Idiots is to be remade in Tamil and Telugu. Originally Vijay was supposed to do the role which Amir Khan did in the original version. The other two heroes were Jeeva and Srikanth.
But due to some unknown reasons Vijay has walked out of this film. Vijay while speaking about this film said that he was very much interested to work in Shankar film but due to some reasons he had to forcibly walk out of this film.
So Shankar immediate thought was to approach Surya. Surya who was very happy for getting this opportunity stipulated two conditions. One is that he cannot immediately give the call sheet and the other thing is that he wanted to do the lead role in the Telugu version also.
Shankar was little shocked when he heard this. Surya wants to establish himself in Andhra also since his dubbed films released there earlier have been great hits. But Gemini Labs have already signed Mahesh Babu for this role by paying him a huge advance. So Gemini Labs are in a fix now.


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