Top 5 Movies with Big expectation from Jan-Feb 2011
Couple of days left for New Year and Kollywood promises of bringing some of the best flicks that are awaited on release by Jan-Feb season. We bring a sneak look into those movies that have already kept us high on expectations.

1. Kaavalan: Director Siddique-Vijay-Vadivelu combination needs no illustration as their 'Friends' stands out as one of the best entertainers of this season. 'Kaavalan' is on release for Pongal.

2. Aadukalam: Again, it's about a hit combination that swayed with success in 'Polladhavan'. G.V. Prakash's songs have become chartbusters with almost all the songs topping at good positions in charts. The film is hitting screens on January 14 for Pongal.

3. Siruthai: Karthi's success graph alone is more than enough to keep us awaited on it. The film will have a big release along with above movies for the same festive occasion.

4. KO: K.V. Anand has been leaping towards new line of films that was so evident with 'Kana Kanden' and 'Ayan'. Looks like 'KO' wouldn't be an exception as Anand has crafted a newfangled story with a riveting screenplay. Very few films turn the spotlights with trailers and 'Ko' is blatantly one amongst them. The film is scheduled for February release.

5. Vaanam: For the lovers of international films like 'Powder Blue', '21 Grams' and 'Babel', here comes a desi version of such theme in 'Vaanam'. The film has such a similar story line, in which 5 parallel tracks are connected through an event in climax. The release date of 'Vaanam' is tentatively scheduled on February 3.


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