Video: Vanitha Vijayakumar and Vijayakumar fight infront of public at Airport

According to Vanitha, Vijayakumar's first daughter through his second wife declared infront of camera few days before that Vijaykumar runs brothel using his own children! 

Today morning, Vanitha learnt that Vijayakumar is flying back to Chennai along with her son Srihari - born through her first husband.  She rushed to the airport along with her present husband to take Srihari with her as per the court order.
Initially the scene had lots of touching sentiments, as Vanitha kneeled down in front of Vijayakumar and begged him to handover her son to her.  Vijayakumar refused to oblidge.
The sentiment later turned in an altercation and everything happened infront of public.

Police appeared after few hours and took all of them belonging to the family to their office.  There infront of cameramen and media, police negotiated to settle the family issue peacefully. 

Vanitha was adament to take Srihari along with her citing the court order.  But police was busy doing mediation in favour of Vijayakumar as they were receiving instruction from someone over phone?
With the protection of police, Vijayakumar took Vanitha's son to the so called Brothel!


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