Vijay NOT out of Shankar's '3 Idiots' Tamil Remake 'Moovar'

14 Dec - Update: Latest talk is

Shankar Confirmed Surya for 3 Idiots Tamil & Telugu Remake

Actor Vijay, who was reported to have walked out of Shankar's Moovar, is still very much part of the film. As earlier reported, the actor will play the lead role in 3 idiots remake.

Rumour mills have been working overtime saying that the actor and director have parted ways due to differences of opinion. It also claimed that Vijay was not happy with the way Shankar wanted to portray him in the film. Few reports has also fuelled that Vijay decided to opt out due to clash of dates.

 According to sources, Vijay has not gone out of the film. But his busy schedule has forced the director to start the shooting with out him. Soon, he will join the team, adds source. The movie features Ileana D' Cruz, Jeeva, Srikanth, Sathyaraj and others in the cast. Harris Jayaraj is scoring the music and Manoj Paramahamsa is handling the camera.

Vijay: I Can’t Stop People From Writing Imaginative Stories About Me

Controversy is the name of the game for South Indian actor Vijay. The actor, who has usually maintained a low profile in front of the media is thus tempted to come to his own defense. First, there were accusations against Vijay’s upcoming Kollywood release ‘Kaavalan’. Next, we get to hear that after being roped to play the prized role of Aamir Khan’s in the Tamil remake of Bollywood blockbuster film 3 Idiots, Vijay has walked out of the project. And yet again is the surprising revelation that the actor will join active politics in his native state.
Responding to all the allegations and questions put forward by the media, Vijay first confirms that he is definitely not joining politics, at least not at the present moment because he is happy with the profession of an actor. Vijay’s upcoming release ‘Kaavalan’ has hit the headlines for all the wrong reasons. First there was a problem with the film’s overseas distributing rights and now the news is that the Tamil Nadu Theatre Owners Association has refused to allow the film to be released in India too. Vijay though, is hopeful that ‘Kaavalan’ will soon hit theaters and will also create magic in the Kollywood box office considering that the songs are already chartbusters.
And now comes the final accusation that Vijay has walked out of Shankar’s remake of 3 Idiots. Vijay confirms to the media that he has not walked out but is facing some date problems, about which he has also spoken to Shankar and hope that the issues will be sorted out soon. Vijay may be the most controversial man of Kollywood at present, but he is also trying his best to do away with the controversies in his life.


  1. Please vijay anna ,at any cost dont walk out of this project, please anna, we are eagerky waiting for that movie to be done by you,we beg you anna. Shankar sir, Though the market of our vijay anna is down , he is the one who won the hearts of lakhs of people. even who are antivijay fans who are against vijay anna wants some change in him,you are the person who can change our vijay anna's career, hence then there will be change in tamil cinema.Its my kind request.

  2. please vijay uncle please dont walk out of this project u know that many childrens are great fans of u and we want u to accept this flim with shankar and moreover this flim will gain u a great fame and make u the topest hero and many of us want to see u like that please i guess that this is the right platform for u use this


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