Vijay's 'Kaavalan' TV Rights Sold To Sun TV not to Jaya TV - Shakthi Chidambaram

Vijay"s forthcoming release Kaavlan"s tv rights sold to Sun TV for a whopping price. Earlier it was rumored thats Jaya TV fetched the rights.

It has become mandatory to get your films produced or distributed by a few production houses, or at least have some association of some sort with the top powerful production houses. If you are anywhere out of this league, you may not even get to release your film.
Kavalan’s release date is still not a certainty. Distributor Shakthi Chidambaram is still clueless. In an age of telecast, broadcast and distribution rights, even broadcast rights may enhance your chances of releasing a film.
Shakthi Chidambaram claims to have purchased ‘Kavalan’ for Rs. 42 crore (a heavy investment considering Vijay’s back to back failures) and to ease things a bit; he says he has sold the film’s broadcast rights to Sun TV.
Yesterday media reports said that Kavalan was sold to Jaya TV as SA Chandrasekar resorted to the opposition camp following the harsh treatment by the ruling camp. He wanted to release Kavalan, support AIADMK and help his son’s political fortunes.
But now an affiliation with Sun TV may well increase the chances for the film’s release on Pongal.


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