Vishal and Shaam are Starving for a purpose

Vishal and Shaam are out on a mission. The two young actors are starving for a purpose. Both their next films require them to lose a lot of weight and they are meeting the terms.

Vishal put on a lot of extra kilos for Bala’s ‘Avan Ivan’ which is in its final stages of filming. After that he will move on to Prabhu Deva's film for which he has to lose around 15 kilos. Under the advice of a dietician Vishal is going to skip his dinner course for 30 days and for lunch he will have only two chapatis. For breakfast and evening short eat, Vishal will be content with a plain sandwich.

Like Vishal, Shaam is also on a crash weight loss program. After Shaam gained acceptance in Tollywood he gained weight to suit his characters which were either a parallel hero or an impacting negative character. Both need macho appearance.

After Agam Puram, Shaam will take up a new film directed by 'Mugavari' Durai. In the flash back of this film Shaam appears as a school boy and so he is challenged to lose at least 15 kilos to look very young. Even sham will hit the diet as soon as completing his currant Telugu project.

One way of getting into the skin of the character may be this.

Source: Indiaglitz


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