Actress Vishnu Priya fainted at the shooting spot of Udhaari 
Actress Vishnu Priya fainted at the shooting spot of Udhaari. Because of there was hullabaloo among the film crew. The shooting was stopped. Popular director and producer M Bhaskar's son Balaji Prabhu is producing a film titled Udhaari. Sakthi Krishna is directing the film.

Vinodh and Vishnu Priya are in the lead roles. Vishnu Priya who is a Malayalam actress has so far acted in 4 Malayalam films. Recently her comments on Asin and Nayanthara had created a controversy and sensation.

Yesterday while shooting for the film Udhaari, she fainted all of a sudden. Because of this there was a commotion among the shooting crew and the shooting was suspended. The doctor was summoned to the shooting spot. The doctor after examining her said that she had fainted because she has not eaten properly and there was nothing to worry about. After resting for some time, she became normal and participated in the shooting.


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