Ajith fans announced a plan to protest in front of Ajith's house

Ajith is in a bad situation with his fan club. The Ultimate Star Ajith has over 46,000 members. In his press
release he has threatened his fan clubs to disband the fan club if they continue to demand that he must enter politics. He also announced that he will not meet his fans regularly.
To that the fans has announced a plan to protest in front of the star's house if he doesn't agree to meet at least once a year. They are really upset with Ajith because they made several request to meet but Ajith did not respond.
The reason why Ajith is doing this is because he wanted to arrange and take control of his fan club. They have been asked to record all the names and the members in each of these clubs. He wanted to know if all of them are registered and functional and that all of the information should be computerized.
Sources say seeing the star's move some group who are against the star have started to spoil his plan by starting anxiety between fan clubs, by recording the strength of the fan club. They were successful in creating confusion among them by ranks each club.
Not know this Ajith's fans have decided to target Ajith. Ajith however did not replay.


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