A.R. Rahman to compose music for animation movie 'Monkeys of Bollywood'

A.R. Rahman to compose music for animation flick
For all fans of A.R. Rahman, here is great news! The Mozart of Madras has reportedly signed an animation flick titled Monkeys of Bollywood, which will also be the first Bollywood project of Dream Works Animation Studio. Dream Works has distinguished projects like Kung Fu Panda, Madagascar and Shrek to its credit. The movie is said to be inspired by the Hindu epic Ramayana. The plot revolves around two monkeys (one of them believed to be the modern day Hanuman) who try to stop an ancient demon from conquering the world. Although the movie's core plot is based on ancient lines, the story will be made like a contemporary Bollywood drama. Gurinder Chadha and Paul Berges of Bend It Like Beckham fame are likely to direct it.


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