Arun Vijay developed six-pack for his next film

Arun Vijay has developed six-pack for his forthcoming film, to be directed by Magizh Thirumeni of ‘Mundhinam Partheney’ fame, who is a former associate of Gautham Vasudev Menon.
Says the actor, “A photo shoot was conducted recently to decide on my physique in the movie. The character which I play in the film, required a lean muscular look for which I had undergone five months of vigorous training under a personal trainer, to bring out the six pack abs.”
He adds: “My workout regimen included three hours of training twice a day combined with a high protein diet. This look is simply to add on to my existing action image. I have also taken tips from a lot of popular international body builders’ books, to help me maintain this even during my film schedules wherein I would not be able to put in this many hours of training everyday.”
Adding more, he says, “The preliminary work for this script took the crew almost 5-6 months which I had made use of conveniently to prepare myself for the role. Though I have toned down physically for this movie, the looks for this character is still under contemplation.”

After the successful Maanja Velu, actor Arun Vijay is back with his next venture. This time, all set to star in a stylish big budget action-thriller, he is also working out at the gym daily for his six pack abs. The actor is undergoing vigorous training under a personal trainer for the past six months. It would be an action thriller targeting A centres, directed by Gautham Menon’s associate and produced by Feathertouch Entertainments. Thaman will compose music for the film. Arun Vijay will play the role of a simple guy Selva whose life takes a U turn after some unexpected events. How he solves his problems forms the rest of the story. The film will have two heroines, one as the hero’s love interest and the other in an important role. An official announcement is expected soon.


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