Did RGV's Raktha Charithra lead to Suri murder?

Ram Gopal Varma, the maverick director who directed the movie Raktha Charithra tweeted, "Its shocking to see a person with whom I have been interacting with for over a year for research of Rc just lying there still and lifeless," on the death of gangster Suri.

It was s scene straight out of the movies and even at the cost of sounding cynical at the sad loss of a human life, Ram Gopal Verma will be the last man laughing at the moment. The murder of Gangula Suryanarayana Reddy alias Maddelacheruvu Suri in cold-blood on Monday in Hyderabad will be fodder for many more RGV movies. Monday, Jan 3 saw the murder of Suri, the prime accused in the murder of Paritala Ravi, ex-TDP MLA in an apparent shoot-out by unidentified assailants.

The assailants pumped two bullets, that pierced Suri's head and he succumbed to his injuries in Apollo hospital late night on Monday.

The Paritala VS Suri saga shot to limelight recently with the release of Ram Gopal Verma's latest movie Raktha Charithra. Though the movie was not a major grosser in the box office, there was a lot of hype surrounding it. RGV is not a man who would turn his back into anything controversial and he personally met with Suri to discuss the script. The sequel of the movie annoyed Madelacheruvu Suri and he pinpointed parts of the movie that was far from the truth. Varma on the other hand at the time had claimed that any kind of publicity was good for him and termed the movie "just fiction."

Tamil actor Surya who essayed the role of Suri termed the incident " unfortunate" and added, "I am shocked... I have no words to express". Ram Gopal Verma too expressed his shock and tweeted, "By the time I finished rakta charitra the reality became a film for me and now this incident jolted me back into reality."

Ram Gopal Verma can be sure that Raktha Charithra DVD's will fly off the shelves as the new murder mystery will evoke people's curiosity on the political rivalry that can put the best of movie script to shame.


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