Endhiran collections anounced, earned 179 crores


The guessing game has come to an end. Sun Group, the producers of Superstar Rajinikanth starrer ‘Endhiran’ today announced that they earned revenues of Rs 179 crore from the film.

A release announcing the quarterly financial results of Sun Group said: ‘During this quarter, the Company released a blockbuster movie simultaneously in three languages titled 'Endhiran' in Tamil and 'Robot' in Telugu and Hindi.’

‘The Company earned revenues of Rs.179 crores, including Rs.15 crores expected towards satellite rights which has not been included in the revenues in this quarter. The Company has spent Rs.132 crores on the production of this blockbuster.’

Another Source says....

When Rajinikanth’s Enthiran (Robot) was in the making, the budget of the movie was always in the news. After the movie was released worldwide on October 1st, it emerged as a top grosser and went on to become one of the highest earners in Indian movie history. Putting an end to conflicting reports about the actual earnings of the movie, its producers Sun Pictures have announced the financial break-up of the movie on its quarter year run in cinemas. It was revealed that Enthiran (Robot), which cost Rs. 132 crores to make, had total income of Rs. 179 crores.Enthiran/ Robot completes century


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