Hariharan's word of advice for those participating in reality shows

Hariharan’s advice to reality show participants
Popular ghazal and playback singer Hariharan has a word of advice for those participating in reality shows: take one’s failures lightly and do not be puffed up by success.
‘Reality shows are just the beginning of one’s career path. Nobody has achieved anything great by merely winning a reality show. They (the young singers) have to strive hard and grow,’ he said. The singer was talking to a meet-the-press programme organised by the Ernakulam Press Club in Kochi on Tuesday.
‘There should be originality in their singing and they should not attempt to imitate others as each rasa was expressed in a unique manner by each individual. Reality shows provided a good opportunity for youngsters to showcase their talent. If in the past, it took about 15 years for a singer to establish himself or herself, it took just about 2 years now, thanks to events like reality shows.’ But Hariharan cautioned participants: success should not go to one’s head and failure should not go to one’s heart.


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