Ilayaraja-Maniratnam joining again in 'Ponniyin Selvan' 
Though Manirathnam's films continue to flop, he is much sought after director. After getting the status of All India directors, there is no charm in his films. No in order to break this, he is going to make a film. This film is Ponniyin Selvan written by Kalki. Many of people tried to make this beautiful classical film but in vain. Now Manirathnam will now be making this film. In connection with this, he is discussing with the literary expert Jayamohan. Historical films cannot be made in a low budget. It seems that the budget of the film will touch Rs 600 Crores. So the only company can meet this expense is Sun Pictures. So Manirathnam will join Sun Pictures in this project. Another important thing is that after a long time Ilayaraja will compose the music for this film.


  1. Best and right combination for a historical film. Ilayaraja is most reputed and no.1 to get a liveliness composing for historical films.


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