An interview with Ilaya Thalapathy Vijay, answers about politics

There was news about your political entry since your father S A Chandrasekaran met J Jayalalitha?

We got the opportunity to meet her. No one else will get such an opportunity. Similarly in the same way I met Rahul Gandhi a few months ago. Click here for Photos of Vijay at Koffee with Anu

There is also news that you will involve yourself in politics in the forthcoming elections?
This is not the proper time. I was introduced to the people as an actor. I never expected that I will get such a big reception and recognition.

Are you instigated to enter politics because of the problems you encountered during the release of Kaavalan?

Don't connect this problem with politics.
When Jayalalitha was asked whether Vijay will campaign for AIDMK alliance, she has mentioned that you should be asked this question. Will you campaigning for her in the forthcoming elections?
I have not yet decided about it.

Why did you not act in Three Idiots?

It is true that I cannot act simultaneously in Velayudham and Three Idiots. There are lots of rumors about this outside. There is no truth in these rumors. I have no problem with anyone

What is the position of Velayudham?

With the cooperation of producer Aascar Films Ravichandran and director Jayam Raja, the film has grown by 50%. I have planned to act in once action film and in one film which has good story every year.


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