It is 'Ilayathalapathy' Vijay after MGR, Rajini - Survey 
There is more on Vijay’s future plans. Yesterday we said that Vijay has selected his next three producers of his films and he is hoping the experienced hands will further help him to retain his reputation that was lost and found.
Vijay who met the media has further talked about the kinds of films he would be doing in the future. Vijay wants to do a film in the line of Rajini’s ‘Raja Chinna Roja’ which will cater entirely to the children audience. He is also interested in doing a radical film that will talk about the dwindling of agriculture and the lives of farmers.
Meanwhile there is an interesting stat out in favour of Vijay. According to a random survey conducted by the students of Statistics Department from the reputed Loyola College has revealed that Vijay’s films are box office hits irrespective of their success in first release.
They say after MGR and Rajini, it is only Vijay who has repeat audiences for his films. After the two legends only Vijay films are having re-releases in single screens and over a period his films end up as commercial hits.
Not that all. The survey reveals another fascinating point. Even in video piracy markets, Vijay films fetch huge profits, much more than films of any other actors of today. Even the catastrophic ‘Sura’ turned over around Rupees 4 crores in the piracy market it says.
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Source: Indiaglitz


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