‘Kaavalan’ will not disappoint Vijay fans on Pongal day

The happenings around the release of ‘Kavalan’ for Pongal seem nothing less than a racy masala action flick. If the distributors of Vijay's earlier films were the hurdle before, the distributors of Shakthi Chidambaram's 'Guru Sishyan' are raising the revolt flags now.
Shakthi Chidambaram had earlier acquired 'Kavalan' on the first copy basis and planned to release it worldwide under his company even as the film was under production. But the distributors of his earlier film 'Guru Sishyan' claim they incurred heavy losses in the Sathyaraj-Sundar C starrer and wanted Shakthi Chidambaram to compensate for the losses.
The option put by the distributors was that 'Kavalan' be given to the same distributors at a rate after deduction the losses from 'Guru Sishyan'. One distributor from Madurai went one step ahead and filed a case in court pleading to direct Shakthi Chidambaram to return the losses.
All these new developments have further irked Vijay and to put all to an end, he is said to have taken back ‘Kavalan’ rights under his hood. As the release has become more than a prestige issue now, all forces close to Vijay are sincerely out to end the deadlocks.
As per the latest reports available ‘Kavalan’ will not disappoint Vijay fans on Pongal day.


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