'Ko' Music Review

Banner: RS Infotainment, Red Giant Movies
Production: S. Kumar and Jayaraman
Direction: KV Anand
Star-casts: Jeeva, Ajmal, Karthika, Pia, Prakash Raj, ‘Poovilangu’ Mohan and others
Music: Harris Jayaraj
Lyrics: Sricharan, Karky, Kabilan, Pa. Vijay, Viveka & Emcee Jesz

The season of Harris Jayaraj continues as the songs in ‘Ko’ offers a delighting experience for the listeners. The album comprises songs of various genres from Hip-Hip, Rap to the mesmerizing melodies that soaks our senses completely in to. Following the grand success of ‘Engeyum Kadhal’, Harris Jayaraj strikes yet another successful chord.

#1 Aga Naga...
Singers: Vijay Prakash, Tippu, Ranina Reddy, Priya Subramani & Solar Sai
Rap & Lyrics: Srik & Emcee Jesz
Lyrics: Pa. Vijay
Harris Jayaraj arrives with a power-pumping party song and it’s gonna be a big blast for the season. The DJ factor is very much present and for the first time we hear the music director making use of sound orchestration. The song opens with the style of ‘Dhaam Dhoom’ title number. It takes a minute for the song to gain the momentum followed by jazzy experience. The rap lines by Srik and Emcee Jesz are the spotlighting features. Harris has chosen the finest modern-day singers and they have done a good job.

#2 Amali Thumali...
Singers : Hariharan, Swetha Mohan & Chinmayi
Lyrics: Viveka
The song sounds okay for the first time and it’s faintly reminiscing ‘Telephone Manipol’ from A.R. Rahman’s ‘Indian’ and ‘Kanavugal’ song from ‘Ullam Ketkume’ (Harris Jayaraj). The music director is always known blending his very own compositions that has been evident in his previous albums. Hariharan, Swetha Mohan and Chinmayee have spelled with best intonation. The music on accompaniment is commendable. The song may gain more popularity with the visuals.

#3 Ennamo Yeadho...
Singers: Aalaap Raju & Prashanthini
Rap & Lyrics: Sricharan & Emcee Jesz
Lyrics: Karky
‘Ennamo Yeadho’ is the cherry-pick of this album. The song has finest clarity in both vocalisms and instrumental quotients. Aalap Raju shot to fame with his track ‘Engeyum Kadhal’ and is now striking back with yet another captivating number. Rap lines by Sricharan and Emcee Jesz are peppy and are sure to capture the senses of listeners for the first time itself. Of course, the song has already become a chart-buster much prior to the release as the audiences were fascinated with the teaser of song. Karky comes up with an impressive work. The fill-ins are very well orchestrated that happens to be the icing of the cake.

#4 Gala Gala...
Singers: Tippu, Krish, Haricharan & Sayonara Phili
Lyrics: Kabilan
Harris Jayaraj has chosen a league of young and happening singers to bring the youthful feel. Much like ‘Aga Naga’, this song shoots a line of singers like Tippu, Krish, Haricharan and Sayonara Phili. It’s been a long time we heard the electrifying voice of Sayonara after Rajnikanth’s ‘Athiradi’ song in ‘Sivaji’. She rocks with her bold intonation. The lyrical lines by Kabilan are passable.

#5 Netri Pottil
Singers: Naresh Iyer
Lyrics: Karky
Anthem of Youth – It’s best term to mark it so. The song opens with an interlude on electronic piano followed by male chorus. The song blows up the overpowering realms of youth at the present and thereby marks the endeavoring feats of youngsters. Naresh Iyer picks a perfect modulation adhering to the nature of song.

#6. Venpaniya...
Singers: Sriram Parthasarathy & Bombay Jayashree
Lyrics: Pa. Vijay
The song is too melodious and mesmerizing. Harris Jayaraj ropes Sriram Parthasarathy and Bombay Jayashree as they’re far-famed for rendering such numbers and have splendidly excelled. It sounds like a situational song and will go on making good waves with repeated hearing.
Ko’ has a laudable performance by Harris Jayaraj as the music director comes up with a bandwagon of peppy numbers as in his previous album ‘Engeyum Kadhal’. Doubtlessly, the season can be regarded as Harris Jayaraj Vs Harris Jayaraj for both the albums (‘Engeyum Kadhal’ Vs ‘Ko’) are rich and splendor in quality.


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