Latest Updates on Bala's Avan Ivan

In Kollywood, unprecedented pre-release publicity and talk about a film is usually reserved fro Rajni-starrers alone.  More than the news that is leaked thorough the media, news does trickle in about Rjani’s movies when they are in the making.  Now, Vishal’s ‘Avan Ivan’ directed by Bala is also getting some good pre-release publicity.
Some still photographs of the film, which has been in the making for close to an year now, are starting to appear in the print media.  Vishal, from those stills, appears to be playing the role of a ‘squint-eyed’ man, one of the many dimensions to his role in the film which also has another talented actor Aarya.  For Aarya, this would be the second time he’s being directed by Bala, after the critically-acclaimed ‘Naan Kadavul’ two years ago.

A bit of news about the climax is very intriguing and interesting and has easily become the ‘talk of the town’ in Kollywood.  The sequence, which is being spoken about, is ample proof of the methodical manner in which Bala works and extracts work from his artistes.

The climax was reportedly shot in a dense forest which had knee-deep water.  To shoot the lengthy climax for as many as six days, Vishal literally spent the entire duration of six days in knee-deep water; this obviously hurt his feet, fingers and legs considerably.  Vishal, who has taken his role seriously and as a challenge, reportedly didn’t object to it and went ahead and shot for the film.

Unit sources say that Vishal could be in for many awards for his portrayal of his character in the film.  Let’s earnestly hope that the results (at the box-office) are as colourful as the making is!


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