'New Actresses are arrogant' - Actress Radha

Actress Radha made her debut through the Tamil film Alaigal Oyvadhillai. She also acted with Shivaji Ganeshan in the film Mudhal Mariyadhai. She had also paired will almost all the leading heroes including Rajni, Kamal and Vijayakanth. Now her daughter Karthika has debuted as heroine in the film Ko which has Jeeva in the lead role. Radha had been to Tirupathi temple.
While speaking to the media there, she said," I am now living in Mumbai. My husband is running a hotel. I have two sons and a daughter. My daughter like me has come to cinema. She had acted in the Telugu film Josh. Now she is acting in the Tamil film Ko. I want her also to become popular like me. I was in cinema from 1980 to 1992. So far I have acted in 150 films. At that time I never knew that I had that much fame. Now I am happy when the age group of my daughter are praising me. These days actresses are trying to show off that they are talented in their first film itself. Some are prideful and arrogant. Those days even after acting in ten films, I was having the fear. My advice to the new actresses is that should not cross their limitations. They should plan to run their families and also should not rush to venture new business."


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