Nothing wrong in acting glamour, kissing scenes - Anjali
Anjali has recently mentioned that there is nothing wrong in acting with glamour for the song sequences. She while speaking about this said," I did the kissing scene in Angadi Theru because the story demanded it. Even in the film Magillchi that kissing sequence was required and because of this I had acted in it. Because of this many are asking me that whether there is a kissing scene in my next film and that why I am continuously acting in kissing scenes.  Click here for Actress Anjali Photo Gallery
I had acted like this in the two films, because the story demanded it. That does not mean that I will continue to kiss in all my films. I am donning homely roles in the films in which I am currently acting now. All the roles have the scope for acting. I am very thankful to Vasanthabalan for this.
The reason for all these things is because Vasanthabalan gave me a powerful role in Angadi Theru. I have so far acted in five films including one Malayalam film. There is nothing wrong in acting glamorously for the song sequence. Because of this I am acting glamorously in song sequences without exceeding the limits."


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