Pathinaaru Review, Pathinaaru 16 Movie Review

Starring: Shiva, Madhu Shalini
Direction: Sabapathy Dekshinamurthy
Music: Yuvan Shankar Raja
Production: A Shivashankar

Rating: ★★½☆☆

Verdict: Non judgmental lessons on love-life

Director Sabapathy who gave films like VIP, Punnagai Poove is at the helm of directorial affairs in Passion Movie Makers Pathinaaru with Shiva and Madhu Shalini in the lead. The basic premise of Pathinaaru may not be anything new but its pragmatic approach to real life renders it a fresh feel.

Shiva and Madhu Shalini are like any other modern lovers who are completely smitten by each other. Madhu belongs to an affluent family whereas Siva is from a middle class background. When Madhu’s parents come to know about her love, instead of confronting and reprimanding her (as in usual films), they invite Shiva home and after a casual discussion bordering sometimes around taunt, hand over a book/diary titled ‘Pathinaaru’.

The contents in the book take us into a village flashback wherein the life of a teenage couple slowly unfolds. Circumstances play spoilsport in their life and separate the lovers. At this juncture, the identity of the lovers is revealed which makes the contemporary couple rethink about their decision. The choices they make and the path they opt to travel after this form the rest of Pathinaaru.

Understanding the psyche of the present generation, Sabapathy abstains from giving out advises but at the same time has put forth a very logical and practical standpoint in front of us. Steering clear from counsels against love, he gently points out the difficulties in real life and states that how just by being in love alone will not suffice to lead real life. This facet of love-life is pleasantly and sensibly delivered by the director.

Screenplay is enjoyable, adhering to linearity in most parts with unexpected twists to spice up the proceedings. Although the film centers on love and romance, there are no cringe worthy scenes or dialogues with double entendres. The interactions between father and daughter are interesting with a lucid portrayal of sensitive emotions running between the two.

However, it is difficult to fathom the characterization of a simple village girl in flash back who appears extremely strong enough to revolt against her parents and initiate her lover to impregnate her. These episodes are logic defying and evoke ambiguity. The film goes in to a slightly trough mode in these sequences which could have been avoided by the maker.

Shiva’s casual demeanor and dialogue delivery suit his character but his sporty image does not lend him a serious note even when he is mouthing solemn dialogues. Madhushalini (Palaniappa Kalloori fame) is adequate in her role. Abhishek as Madhushalini’s father delivers an effective performance and so does his wife. Darbuga Shiva and Pondy adorn the supporting cast with Kasthuri doing a small cameo once again.

In Yuvan Shankar Raja’s youthful music, Ada da en meethu and Yaar solli kaadhal make an impact. Camera and editing departments have given what is needed for the film. In all, Sabapathy’s Pathinaaru comes across as a pleasant journey through life sans any superfluous frills.


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