Ranjitha returns!! Back in Bharathiraja's upcoming movie 'Appan Aatha'

Actress Ranjitha who was fighting for her reputation after the recent controversies seems to be gathering all broken pieces. She is terribly upset with some media that went overboard in tarnishing her image.
In an interview few days ago, Ranjitha said she has no immediate plans to return to films for now. She will have one release in Malayalam that was completed even before she had gone to the US. In her last Tamil film ‘Raavanan’, her role was drastically edited for obvious reasons.
Our exclusive sources say that she may make her re-entry via Tamil. The man who introduced Ranjitha in films, Bharathiraja, has reportedly approached her to do an important role in his upcoming film 'Appan Aatha'. Bharathiraja is of the confidence that only Ranjitha will be able to do justice to the role.
But the girl whom he introduced in 'Nadodi Thendral' way back in 1992 is not the same now.


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