Ranjitha says that her relationship will continue with Nithyananda

Ranjitha while speaking to the media said," I am in close connection with Nithyananda. There is no necessity for me to hide this. I met him on January 1st. I will continue to be his devotee. I will seek for his blessings as usual. That video CD only has turned my life into hurly-burly. I was in turmoil because of these lies and conspiracy. But my husband and family are fully supporting me. I have not committed any mistake. If anybody says that I am committing mistakes, it means that they are unnecessarily poking their noses into others affairs. Lenin should be ashamed to release the video CD.
Everybody is asking me that why I have kept quiet so long and speaking now. Since the matter was out of hand I was not able to do anything. I was broken. The safety of my family was important to me. People were angry with me. They spoke ill of me everywhere. That is the reason I did not speak. One thing made me very sad. People instead of believing people have started believing the machines. They have belief in the morphed video using technology. My intention now is to wipe out the blemish of my image. I am also trying to get out of it through legal remedy. I will act in the films that have good stories."


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