Selvaraghavan’s Geetanjali: First look, Picture

Selvaraghavan who confessed recently he had found “true love” also disclosed who the girl is. She is Geetanjali who is assisting him in his under production film ‘Irandam Ulagam’ starring with Dhanush and Andrea. Sources say they fell in love during the making of the film.

In a truthful message to his friends, the ever sincere Selva has written this:
“Today, I wish to share a couple of developments in my personal and professional front. I am currently directing a movie titled Irandam Ulagam starring Dhanush and Andrea. Nearly 70 per cent of the movie is complete.
Also I take this opportunity to share some good news. That is of my marriage to Ms.Gitanjali Raman, daughter of Advocate General Mr. P.S. Raman.

Our engagement will take place in February and the wedding in June. Once the dates are finalised, I will personally call on my friends in the media and share the joy.”
All’s well that ends well.


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