Simbu and his unlucky bike shot for 'Vaanam' 
Simbu, who has been shooting non-stop for his upcoming film ‘Vaanam’ co-starring Bharath, Anoushka, Vega and Sneha Ullal, ran in to fresh trouble on the other day when his speeding bike reportedly hit an old man and sent him reeling.

The shooting of ‘Vaanam’, the Tamil remake of the Telugu hit ‘Vedam’, was held at the Marina Beach locality in the city.  As per the sequence that was being shot, Simbu, riding on his bike at a reasonable speed, was being chased by a gang of henchmen.  The rehearsal was held, as usual, many times and the original shot was being canned when the unexpected happened.

All of a sudden, an old man sprung from nowhere and crossed the path of Simbu’s bike.  Simbu, apparently unable to control bike and prevent it from hitting the old man, dashed against the old man and then came to an abrupt stop.  A huge crowd of onlookers gathered at the usually busy spot.

Before the public could sense that it was Simbu who had hit the old man, the film’s crew moved in at a terrific pace and put Simbu in an autorickshaw to immediately get him out of the scene of accident.  Last heard, Simbu has flown to Hyderabad and would only be returning after the head comes down.

Fortunately for Simbu, the old man who was later admitted to a Hospital, is said to be out of danger!


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