Sollitharava - Movie Review
Production: Foot Step Productions
Direction: S. Sivaraman
Star-casts: Sivan, Sharmila Sivaraman and others
Music: Bobby
Lyrics: Kalai Kumar
Cinematography: Moorthy
Editing: Anil Malnaat

Verdict: Better Luck Next Time for the entire team

Much before analyzing with the review of this film, it is worth mentioning the special efforts of S. Sivaraman for making this film ‘Sollitharava’. When most of the filmmakers are venturing into showbiz merely for the sake of providing entertainment, he has undertaken special efforts to use it as a medium to convey some good message.

Today, the perception of politics has become as cheaper for everyone as many want to take a leap into politics for the sake of looting all the money.

On the pars, youngsters complete the graduation herein India enjoying all the privileges and head their way to foreign countries seeking their fortune. Is it a right thing to do so?

‘Sollitharava’ revolves around such characters. The film’s protagonist instantly wants to jump into politics to achieve something on the premeditated concept of becoming rich. And then, the heroine has completed her bio-chemistry graduation and is eagerly looking out for USA opportunity as she feels that dollars is worth for her education. When these contrastive characters come across each other, it’s not love, but hatred that develops at first.

Apparently, she urges him that sudden involvement in politics isn’t something good while he suggests her that the ‘West-toxication’ is also not good. But then, after a certain point they fall in love and their perception towards their destiny changes gradually. He becomes a journalist and she involves herself into the research projects.

The filmmaker has worked on with herculean efforts for the best screenplay. The technical department is top-notching in few parts.

Actor Sivan and Sharmila have done justice to their roles while director Sivaraman has tried tickling funny bones.

The basic concept of the film is good, but then the biggest constraint comes through the treatment. When a filmmaker gets hold an idea, it’s best to see them coming up with good presentation. However Sivaraman has done an average job. Let us hope he does something much better than this one.


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