Trisha fulfills her long time desire, travels in Cockpit

Trisha is one person who always wants to live life to the fullest. Her strength of mind to achieve what she wants is well known in the industry. Recently Trisha fulfilled one of her long time desire of travelling in the Cockpit of an airplane along with the pilots.

Trisha has been trying for this for a past many years but met with no success. Whenever she boards an international flight Trisha has this habit of sending her profile to the pilots’ cabin along with a request to allow her to travel in the cockpit for some time and enjoy seeing the pilots controlling the plane.

All the requests were declined because the pilots feared of some enquiry if the authorities come to know of that a passenger has travelled with them in the cockpit.

But Trisha's never say die spirit has finally got her what she wanted. She managed to convince the pilots in her recent flight and had that experience of her life time. The airline was Singapore Airlines and the flight was from Chennai to Hong Kong.

Source: Indiaglitz


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