Vanitha Vijayakumar Case: She can keep her 8-year old son Srihari - High Court
In a major victory for actress Vanitha, daughter of character actor Vijayakumar, the Court has ruled that she can keep 8-year old Srihari, born to her and her now-divorced first husband and small-screen actor Aakash. In this regard, the Court also quashed Aakash’s petition seeking custody of his son.
The issue, which started off as a tiff between Vanitha and Vijayakumar over who would keep the child, later snowballed into a full-fledged clash between Vanitha and Aakash over who would keep Srihari. The case, filed with the Chennai High Court, reached its logical conclusion a few days back.
The Chennai High Court had earlier said that Aakash could keep Srihari with him till January 18 after which he should be ‘handed over’ to Vanitha to remain in her custody forever. Aakash filed an appeal with the Supreme Court seeking custody of his child and had asked the apex court to allow him to keep his child with him, now that Vanitha had married another man.
The Supreme Court, unfortunately, quashed Aakash’s petition saying that there was no harm in ‘allowing the child to remain with its mother’ and order Aakash to hand over Srihari to Vanitha immediately.


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