Vasanthabalan changes title ‘Aaraan’ to ‘Aaraanin Kadhal’

Vasanthabalan has used his influence rather graciously to change the title of a movie that is not his. There was a low budget film titled 'Aaraan' (Engira Aaramudhan) complete and ready for release. There is also an under production mega budget film titled ‘Aravaan’ directed by Vasanthabalan.

Recently when the producers’ council took note of the closeness between the titles requested Vasanthabalan to look for options if any. They felt there is going to be room for confusion among the fans later. But Vasanthabalan approached the makers of ‘Aaraan’ and explained them the situation.

He told them that this is a 15 crore project and theirs is a three crore project, so let him retain the title and they change theirs. Having no choice but to change, the title of ‘Aaraan’ was changed to ‘Aaraanin Kadhal’. Interestingly 'Aravaan' will take more than a year to release but 'Aaraanin Kadhal’ will release in two weeks.

Source: Indiaglitz


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