Veppam Music review
Directed by Anjana Ali Khan
Produced by Gautham Menon
Written by Anjana Ali Khan
Starring Nani
Karthik Kumar
Bindu Madhavi
Nithya Menon
Music by Joshua Sridhar

Rating: ★★½☆☆

It's been a while since we've heard Joshua Sridhar's signature melodies, and in the lost time, he seems to have upped his skill several levels! The Veppam music album is a delightful mix of lilting melodies, quick beats and 'kuthu' chants.

'Oru Devathai...' When the guitar strumming begins, you already know this track's going to stay on 'repeat' for a while. With Na. Muthukumar's lyrics, this song is easily one of the best in the album. Soulful music combined with beautiful lyrics come to life in the voices of Clinton and Swetha.

'Mazhai Varum...' comes in two versions – a solo by Suzanne and a solo by Naresh Iyer. This is one of those compositions that move the listener to another plane. It's the pining for a loved one by a lonely lover, and that feeling comes across wonderfully in Joshua's music. Suzanne's version is a tad happier than Naresh's, but in essence both renditions are brilliant and moving.

The pace picks up with 'Minnale Pudikire...' Benny Dayal's style of singing is very interesting. His accent and modulation adds character to this composition. The beats are familiar but put to use well, so we'll let that pass! Na. Muthukumar's philosophies in verse are interesting but not preachy, and that's a plus!

An essentially happy song with shades of melancholy, 'Kaatril Eeram' is pleasant on the ears from start to end. The voices of Karthik and Sricharan are powerful, yet not overpowering. The emotional streak of the composition has much to do with Na. Muthukumar's lyrics that blend in with Joshua's fresh rhythms. It's a melody with some dancey beats.

And then comes the kuthu number 'Rani Naan...' which has become an essential of Tamil movie music! The lyrics are fun but Apoorva's voice takes the cake! The harsh tonal quality of her voice gives the kuthu that extra pep and zing. It may not be the best in the genre, but it's a sure contender. But all things said and done, melody seems to be Joshua's forte.

The Veppam album is a glorious way for the Photon Kathaas music label to set foot into the New Year, and from 'the jamming session' video that was aired at the music launch it is quite evident that Gautham Menon loves the music. We think the music is inspiring, so kudos to Joshua Sridhar. We also admire Na. Muthukumar's lyrics that bring out a different emotional quality in each track. For debut director Anjana, Veppam's music is sure to prove the best bait!


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