Vettrimaran praises Radha Ravi for his voice in Danush's 'Aadukalam'

We know that the veteran actor Radha Ravi is an excellent actor. But very few know that he is also an excellent dubbing artiste. Apart from dubbing for his own movies, Radha Ravi sometimes chooses and lends his majestic voice to other actors also.
When Vettrimaran approached Radha Ravi to dub for VSI Jeyabalan in 'Aadukalam', Radha Ravi agreed after knowing about the character of the village elder. But Radha Ravi was so gripped by the character designed by Vettrimaran that he gave around 14 days and did a perfect job. What's new in this is that, Radha Ravi usually never gives more than two days for outside dubbing.
After the veteran actor completed his task, Vettrimaran was thrilled to see and hear the out come. Vettrimaran says half the credit for the character's acceptance goes to Radha Ravi.

Source: Indiaglitz


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