Vijay’s ‘Velayutham’ - Jayam Raja's Railway station sentiment 
It’s a big question whether Ilaya Thalapathi Vijay’s ‘Kavalan’ movie is going to be released for this Pongal or not. However Vijay’s fans are having high expectations for ‘Kavalan’ and waiting for its release as it’s a combination of Vijay-Siddique’s movie, moreover the other movie called ‘Velayutham’ by Vijay which is under shooting process and it’s counting on Kavalan’s movie box office result.
As ‘Velayutham’ is completely based on story and screenplay of the movie, and it’s going to be a big budget project. 'Jayam' Raja who is going to direct his original script for the first time. The director who is sentimental with railways and railway station as his first movie ‘Jayam’ was full of train scenes and railway stations. The director is creating a railway set up for this movie as he is following the sentiment in ‘Velayutham’ as well. At present, ‘Velayutham’ movie is under shooting process in Binny Mills where they have created train set and its four compartment train it seems. For the climax fight, the director is planning to have a railway station set at Vishakhapatinam it seems. To avoid security and permission problems the director decided to have a railway station set at Vishakhapatinam junction where original train will be coming to the set it seems.


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